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Jarabacoa lies in the heart of the Dominican Republic, 530 meters above sea level, in the beautiful La Vega valley, in the Central Mountain Range. The city is surrounded by four major rivers: the Yaque del Norte, the Jimenoa, the Guanajuma, and the Baiguate. Yaque del Norte is the longest river in the Caribbean, with a length of about 300 kilometers.

Before the Spanish arrived, the Tainos lived there, and their name meant "land of water sources." The Spanish came into the region searching for gold and silver, but abandoned it shortly afterward.


While it is popularly known as the "City of Eternal Spring" due to its average temperature of 22°C throughout the year, the nights and mornings are a little cooler from December to February.


The saying goes "God is everywhere, but he sleeps in Jarabacoa," because here you can enjoy a long-awaited peace and tranquility surrounded by the most breathtaking scenery.


The highest mountains of the Antilles can be reached during a horseback ride in Jarabacoa, according to those who claim it is the most romantic place in the Antilles.

In this area, you can find a great biodiversity: stunning plants and orchids, pine and eucalyptus trees, and various types of birds and butterflies. There are also refreshing waterfalls and crystal clear water to enjoy. Jarabacoa is surrounded by three waterfalls: Jimenoa Waterfall 1, Jimenoa Waterfall 2, and Baiguate Jump. A Jimenoa jump, located on the same river as Jarabacoa, is one of Jarabacoa's main attractions.

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